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How To Renew Your SPI Certification

Like any professional certification, the SPI certifications require a certain minimum standard of maintenance in order to ensure that SPI certified instructors are staying on top of the latest information within fitness. For this reason, the SPI requires ongoing education in order to renew and maintain your certification.

Continuing education plays a vital role in the quality of any profession. Fitness is no different. We are constantly bombarded with the ‘new’ and ‘better’ diet and exercise plan. As professionals we need to work hard to ensure that we make sound judgments in all our health, fitness, and nutrition decisions and recommendations.

We know that the fitness centres and insurance companies need your certifications to be current and so we have made your renewal process very easy. Also note that your certifications moving forward from January 2018 are for a 2 year period. The rate is still the same ($100) if you renew by the end of the 2 year term.

If you are a former SPI certified trainer and have not renewed your certification for over 2 years please contact Jeff Bergin using the form here:

Also note that a late renewal form
is attached here for you to download and fill out.

Download PDF

Yearly Renewal Form

Click the button to download the yearly renewal form as a PDF document.
Download PDF

Renew Easy With Paypal!

Fill out the PDF form above and email the filled out PDF to the email address shown on the bottom of the form.
Then pay securely by clicking either paypal button:
Biyearly Renewal (every 2 years) for renewals or Certification Reinstatement if your certification(s) are not current.

Biyearly Renewal (every 2 years)

Fee $100.00

Now accepting secure online payments with PayPal!
Now accepting secure online payments with PayPal!

Removal of Certification

A high level of professionalism should be maintained at all times. Sports Performance Institute reserves the right to remove the certification of any individual who:

  • Fails to meet the recertification requirements

  • Engages in any illegal activity

  • Misrepresents their level of credentials

  • Consistently acts in a manner that is unprofessional

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