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The Sport Performance Institute Inc. (SPI) is a fitness and sport education company. SPI provides education programs to personal trainers, aerobics instructors, coaches, strength training specialists, physical education teachers, athletes and the general population, both in Canada and the United States.

SPI currently has certification programs that meet or exceed the guidelines established by the National Fitness Leaders Advisory Council (NFLAC) in personal training, strength training, and aerobics instruction. The depth of knowledge that SPI graduates obtain is the highest in the industry. In fact many of the topics covered in the SPI certification programs are not covered in most University degree programs.

SPI personnel have been involved in the setup and day to day operations of both the Human Kinetics Assessment Centre. With many years of experience in both test design and implementation. SPI has the staff that can provide fitness appraisal services to a variety of groups and individuals.

In addition to varied sports backgrounds, all SPI instructors are required to have a minimum of a Masters degree in a sport science related field. In addition to this, many of the instructors have experience training and testing Olympic and National team athletes. In fact the athletes that have worked with SPI staff have won more than 50 Olympic and World Championship medals. This combination of experience and education make the SPI instructors the most highly qualified instructors in the fitness industry.