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Level I Aerobics Instructor: Exercise and Physical Fitness for Instructors


No background in the exercise sciences is required. This course covers theory and practical work on how to be aerobics class instructors. Becoming a group fitness leader involve several transitions from an initial interest in fitness leadership to actually enrolling in courses and then spending some time applying what you have learned into practice. The purpose of this course is to facilitate this transition by providing the basic information and learning experiences necessary to becoming an effective leader. Potential Instructors must pass a Written Exam, serve an Apprenticeship and demonstrate on-the-floor leadership competence (the Practical Exam) to earn certification and be eligible to be an aerobics class instructor.

Topics Covered:

  • Elementary Fitness Theory
  • Anatomy and Exercise Design
  • Physiological Response to Exercise and Training
  • Leadership and Instruction
  • Workout Design



  • Workbook
  • Text
  • Written Exam
  • Apprenticeship
  • Practical Exam

2 Weekend Course.


  • No prerequisite required


  • 2 Weekends
  • Maximum enrollment of 15 participants per course
  • Must complete the course and exams
  • Must obtain a minimum of 80% to pass the exam
  • Must successfully complete the apprenticeship


Fee $399.00 + HST

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