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Level I Introduction to Stretching

This course covers an in depth look at the philosophy of stretching. Covered are the styles of stretching, when to use each as well as stretches to avoid. Participants will be introduced to some old and new styles of stretching and will be given the chance to experience all, as this course is more of a hand on approach. In order to cover the course properly, an anatomical approach will be taken, so trainers can utilize the knowledge given to introduce their clients to specific stretching related to muscles being work during individual workouts.
Many trainers learn as much as they can about training techniques and diet, but don’t spend enough time on educating their clients on stretching. Stretching becomes a preventative measure in combating injury and more time needs to be spent on developing our trainers and their clients to ensure that maximum efficiency, flexibility and safety are met.

Topics Covered:

  • Muscle Anatomy and Function
  • Muscle Movement – The Stretch
  • Benefits of Stretching
  • Preparing to Stretch
  • Methods of Stretching
  • Errors


  • Level 1 Stretching Course: Introduction to Stretching
  • Certification Exam
  • Workbook
  • Text

1 Day in Class Course.


  • No prerequisite is required.


  • Must complete the course and exam
  • Must obtain a minimum of 80% to pass the exam


Fee $349.00 + HST

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