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Director of Education

Jeff Bergin
Jeff BerginDirector of Education

Jeff Bergin’s Bio

Jeff Bergin has worked in the fitness industry for over 22 years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Education, with a specialization in Physical Education, Jeff began teaching as a junior high school teacher for 6 years. He spent several years as a hockey school instructor working with young adults, with a particular focus on goalie specialization.

Throughout, Jeff has been a personal trainer and worked with hundreds of clients. He was a co-owner of Astral Fitness in Stittsville before going on to establish Westgate Health and Fitness in Westboro. In his new role as owner, he has helped mentor dozens of trainers and managers in the business.

His love for teaching found a new passion when he took over as owner of the fitness certification company called Sport Performance Institute (SPI). As Director of Education for SPI, Jeff has re-designed existing programs and created new courses such as Pilates, Thera Ball and Exercise Techniques. He believes it is essential that the industry expands to adopt new fitness trends and techniques. Intrinsic to his approach is every person who becomes certified has not only the theory of personal training but a sense of his personal philosophy of serving the client.

Working with individual clients is, and always has been, Jeff’s forte. He enjoys focusing one-on-one with clients and thrives in helping them achieve their fitness goals. There is nothing more satisfying to Jeff than showing people what they can accomplish. Just a few examples of past successes include: helping a student pass their firefighter’s fitness test; helping a football player add size and bulk during summer training; helping a cancer patient regain strength, mobility and her confidence back; helping an elderly man maintain his mobility while suffering late stage testicular cancer; showing the middle aged heart attack sufferer the importance of overall health and fitness; teaching an elderly woman the need for strength training; or simply showing the uninitiated participant that they can become and stay fit.

Jeff also works with individuals following an injury. His extensive knowledge of the human body together with his practical approach to strength training provide Jeff with the tools he uses to enable a person to condition and train in spite of an injury. Jeff excels at working with the individual through his/her injury by respecting the person’s limitations, redesigning an exercise technique to accommodate for the injury, or replacing a particular exercise with an alternate one that does not tax the person’s injury but still enables him/her to train the targeted muscle.

Jeff is also certified in RHEP – TFL with the OFC (Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner as well as being a Trainer for Fitness Leaders with the Ontario Fitness Council).

Jeff continues to be a Professor at Algonquin College and has taught a number of courses in Fitness and Health Promotion, General Arts and Science as well as the Police and Public Safety Institute.

Jeff also specializes in Trigger Point Release Therapy and has been working with his clients for more than 20 years.

The following list summarizes Jeff’s qualifications and experience.

  • Bachelors of Education, Majoring in Physical Education, McGill University, 1986
  • Muscle Growth course, Ottawa Sports Science Centre
  • Trigger Point Release Therapy
  • Level 1 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Personal Training
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Nutrition Certification
  • Master’s Certification in Personal Training
  • SWIS Muscle Strength Testing
  • Professor at Algonquin College
  • Owner/Operator of Sport Performance Institute
  • Certified RHEP – TFL with the OFC (Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner as well as being a Trainer for Fitness Leaders with the Ontario Fitness Council)
  • Gym Floor Manager, Holiday Fitness, 1986 – 1988
  • Personal Training Manager & Club Manager, Florida Fitness (various locations), 1994 to 2003
  • Owner and Personal Training Manager, Astral Fitness in Stittsville, 2003
  • Owner and Personal Training Director, Westgate Health & Fitness, since 2004
  • Owner & Director of Education, Sports Performance Institute, 2008
  • Professor at Algonquin College, Biomechanics, Fitness Management (level 1 & 2), Nutrition, Foundations of Health, 2010-11

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