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SPI: Sport Performance Institute – Middle East Division

Over 2000 people have taken our courses and have become certified trainers!

SPI is an accredited fitness and sports education organization. SPI provides a variety of educational programs to personal trainers, aerobics instructors, coaches, strength training specialists, physical education teachers and the general population, in Canada, the United States and the Middle East.


Because some of our instructors have helped develop materials for the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program, our students can receive the same information that is presented to international caliber coaches. The founders of SPI have worked with over 20 Olympic and professional teams; they have, also, assisted in producing 29 Olympic and over 100 World Championship medallists.


Using only the latest in scientific research, SPI has developed the most in-depth series of courses available. SPI programs are designed to provide educational opportunities for fitness professionals who do not have time to complete a university degree but desire more knowledge than what is offered by other organizations. Over 2000 people have taken our courses and have become certified trainers.


The courses go into greater detail on the physiological reasons why you need to train a certain way than any other program. SPI graduates obtain an impressive depth of knowledge. As a matter of fact, many of the topics covered in the SPI certification programs are not covered in most University degree programs.